We Help You Cut Cloud Costs

We Help You Optimize Cloud Spend

We Help You Save Cloud Costs

We Help You Cut Cloud Costs

At Verium, our speciality is in keeping cloud infrastructure costs down to a minimum. We’re a FinOps service provider that helps startups and enterprises optimize their spending by checking for over 600 best practices that we’ve accumulated through 10 years of experience.

What makes us different? Only pay when you save money. We take a share of your savings so we’re invested in your success. Cut your costs by least 30%!

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How We Work

We use our own custom-built cloud cost optimization platform to help you maximize your cloud savings and simplify cloud financial management.

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Step 1:
Infrastructure Analysis

We audit the activity in your cloud accounts and analyze your infrastructure configuration while highlighting potential cost factors such as unsuitable storage types, duplicated resources, overprovisioned capacity. This gives us a foundation to ask more specific questions about your system landscape.

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Step 2:
Expert Interviews

We meet with your developers or DevOps engineers and go through our prepared questions and our best practices checklist. We then use this data to provide you with actionable insights on how you can reduce your costs.

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Step 3:
Report and Recommendations

We present our findings in a report with easy-to-understand charts, data visualizations, and recommendations. Our recommendations are broken down into optimizations that can be done in just a few clicks and an action plan for Cloud and DevOps engineers.

What Makes Us Special

We understand cloud costs better than anyone and we’re willing to put our money on it. Our fees are directly proportional to your cost savings. If we can’t help you save, you don’t pay.

The ugly truth about the cloud
Platforms like AWS, GCP and Azure have complex pricing structures. It might seem like you only pay for what you use, but this is rarely the case. The truth is, most cloud customers pay for resources that they order but don’t use. We help you hunt down and fix these inefficiencies with almost zero effort.

What we offer

User-friendly Reports

Our detailed reports are easy to interpret for technical and finance experts alike. They show you exactly how your cloud spend is allocated and where you can save the most.

Data-Driven Guidance

We provide extensive statistics that show you exactly where and how to improve your cloud infrastructure.

Easy-to-follow Recommendations

We give you actionable recommendations that are easy to understand and grouped by relative impact. We highlight the optimizations that you can do in a few clicks.

10 Years Experience

We’re trusted by over 48 organizations and have managed over $2 million in annual cloud spend. Our expertise comes from extensive industry experience: we’ve worked with thousands of architectures and setups.

Strong Partner Network

Got an especially complex challenge? We’ve got you covered. We work closely with selected cloud partners to help untangle your cloud infrastructure, agree on SLAs, and more.

No financial risk!

We only charge you if we can provide recommendations that will save you at least 20% of your infrastructure costs.
If not, the report is free! 🤝


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Customer Stories

Verium has helped all types of companies to optimize their cloud infrastructure—from cloud-native startups to global enterprises.

Simple And Flexible Pricing

We don’t charge anything up front. Try us out. No commitment. No risks.

Analysis Report & Optim. Plan
3 mos. total savings

Verium gets the first three months of your monthly savings.
e.g. 3 x €1,500 savings = €4,500

  • Infrastructure Analysis

  • Expert interviews

  • Individual Recommendations

Save 25%
€825 per day

Experts with more than 10 years of experience

  • Expert Team

  • Cloud optimization & architecture

  • Support for AWS, GCP, on-premise

Large-scale Projects
Custom flat rate

We offer fixed prices for bigger projects such as migrations from on-prem to AWS. Contact us for a quote.

  • Expert Team

  • Full Service DevOps

  • Discount possible

The above prices do not include applicable taxes that depend on your billing locale.

Try Verium risk free and save over 30% on your infrastructure costs.