This is who we are

Having worked with thousands of architectures and setups in various roles, we know what good businesses run on. We understand time is precious, security is vital and the focus on cost efficiency.

Our combined 20+ years of experience in cloud services means that we are best positioned to offer your company a sleek and professional service with real, tangible results.

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Jacek Strongowski

With over a decade of experience in fast-paced start-up environments, Jacek brings both entrepreneurship and advanced operational know-how to the Verium team. He has worked extensively with many companies in industries such as e-commerce, fintech and crypto, to name a few.

Florian Preusner

Florian successfully led several diverse teams as CTO over the last six years. Over this time, he contributed his specialised know-how to many diverse industries, including e-commerce, venture capitalism and manufacturing. Autumn of 2022 saw the beginning of possibly the most exciting chapter — the launch of Verium.


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How we got here

How did you both meet?

Florian: Jacek and I met each other while working for e-commerce platform Wine in Black. At this time, I was working for Project A, an operational venture capitalist that supported Wine in Black. We both worked together on the infrastructure, using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to deploy the application on the environments.

What inspired you to start Verium?

Jacek: In the ten years I have been providing cloud expertise and dev ops services, I’ve worked with dozens of infrastructures, providing a multitude of different solutions to common business needs. A common pattern emerged: cost awareness, budget planning and operational costs easily elude most companies, especially since cloud has become the de facto industry standard. Based on my personal experience, I would say that probably 9 out of 10 cloud users could save at least 20 percent of their expenditure.

Florian: During the course of my career I have seen that IT is getting more complex. Infrastructure is getting bigger and harder to maintain. For this reason, most companies are using many different cloud services, but don't know which solutions are the most efficient. This means they end up paying more for less efficiency. We saw a gap in the market whereby we could help business tighten up their cloud usage while also saving them money in the long run.

What are Verium's biggest wins so far?

Jacek: We have received an overwhelmingly positive reception to the business idea. Evidently, we are solving a real pain point for our customers.

Florian: By extension, as we are always available, looking closely into issues, providing valuable reports and understanding the complexity of various applications and infrastructure, we have continuously received the feedback that our clients trust us, too.

What are the biggest struggles facing businesses in 2023?

Jacek: In 2022, we witnessed a looming crisis and the first signs of recession. Companies around the world switched gears from aggressive growth to needing to urgently extend their financial runways, which resulted in mass layoffs across multiple industries. Cost awareness and effectiveness are again in the spotlight, and for many companies, every penny counts. Due to previous "live like there’s no tomorrow" attitudes, companies accrued massive spending spots which now must be tackled.

Florian: With fewer resources caused by fewer staff, it's harder for companies to deal with the complexity of the current infrastructure. We see huge potential in supporting companies to have easier and more cost-efficient practises moving forward.

Jacek: Last year we also saw some massive data breaches and security incidents, which showed us that even well-known IT companies are facing more data leaks. All of these are direct hits to companies’ reputations and also very often cause huge financial loss. The biggest challenge many of our clients will face this year is to simultaneously tame the hydra of operational costs without sacrificing security.

Florian: We also see that even if companies are trying to make their systems "secure", this is not done by professionals. Nowadays, ‘script-kiddies’ are able to create malware in seconds by using tools like ChatGPT. Every company that is dealing with data should be supported by professional security experts. We believe that Verium is providing crucial services in this area and are continuously extending our service portfolio.

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